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The following questions were taken from a workshop Bob Ellenberg did in Santa Rosa in the fall of 2017.  However, most all of them are relevant to the Camp Fire as well...

Some of the answers to these questions have changed due to major changes in the California Insurance Code.  Please carefully read the section of our website titled URGENT NEWS!

1—Is soils restoration coverage included in Debris Removal?
2—Does the insurance coverage increase if there is a FEMA declared disaster?
3—Do private contractors for Debris Removal require claim assignments?
4—What do public adjusters do?
5—What are the different categories of adjusters?
6—Decisions made early in the process that have long-term effects
7—How soon must I decide whether or not to rebuild?
8—Do I have to rebuild the same house or rebuild in the same place?
9—How is Unity Adjustments different from other Public Adjusters?
10—Using a contractor versus being an owner-builder?
11—What is NOT covered under a home owners policy?
12—Which insurance company does Unity Adjustments recommend?